The Benefits of the Outdoors

Between the constant weather changes & most people’s busy lives, we know its not always easy to fit in outdoor exercise or play.

Thats why we wanted to create a service that promoted and encouraged outdoor activity. After so much research , we released the tremendous benefits that come along with the fresh air . For all ages!

Our aim was to create a fun day out for everyone to enjoy, so it’s an added bonus to us, knowing you’ll leave not just happy but actually have benefitted your own health also!

TOP 10 Benefits of the Outdoors

1.Reducing the risk of childhood Obesity 

On average kids spend just 4-7 minutes in the outdoors participating in unstructured play each day. Compared to the several hours they spend each day infront of a screen. Which experts believe to correlate with the current rising trends in  childhood obesity & mental health issues.

Participating in outdoor based activities helps to fight against these issues.


2. Antidote to relax, from the fast pace & stress of everyday life

Chronic stress is toxic to the developing brain. Outdoor play provides multifaceted relief , alleviating stress and the playtime encourages kids to release and explore bottled up emotions safely.


3. Supporting children’s development

Nature offers a rich variety of freedom, risk, and play opportunities .Risky play builds confidence, enhances decision making skills and provides real world experience. Fewer rules means more room for self discovery , imagination and creativity.

*a recent study on school children also found: Daily exposure to natural spaces, yielded 5% increase in development of functional memory  and 1% decrease in inattentiveness.


4. Investment in our children’s health (and ours ).

90 minute walk through green environments reduced neural activity in the area of the brain linked to mental illness risk.

Also benefitting health conditions, as it has been found in many studies that natural play settings have been widely effective in easing ADHD symptoms in conjunction with a treatment plan.


5. Improving children’s sleep

Natural light regulates the internal sleep clock, which encourages daytime energy and nighttime fatigue. Nature is also soothing and calming for children , balancing the harmful effects of screen time. (also affecting eye health)


6. Boost Memory 

Exactly what it says .


7. Vitamin D 

In the past few years the number of children with vitamin D deficiency has increased by 200%. This vital nutrient, fights off infection, prevents some autoimmune diseases and builds bones & teeth.

8. Inspires Healthy Eating  

Children are more likely to to choose fruits and and veggies using up energy during outdoor activities like recess.

9. Protecting the environment

Encouraging a connection to everything in nature, but can also shape an eco conscious future for all the planets inhabitants. If individuals are educating in the importance of the environment.

10. Teamwork

Encouraging teamwork in the outdoor , develops neuron complexity. As kids brainstorm and co operate to overcome obstacles , their minds are growing more resilient, dynamic and open.


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